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Title Artist Date Music
A Babe Is Born Henry R. Bramley 1878 Yes
A Babe Is Born In Bethlehem Unknown Unknown  
A Beautiful Life William M. Golden 1918 Yes
A Blessing In A Prayer Eliza E. Hewitt 1887  
A Brighter Dawn Is Breaking Percy Dearmer 1906  
Baby Moses Florence Hoatson 1912 Yes
Back to the Blessed Old Bible D. Otis Teasley    
Balm In Secret Prayer Fanny Crosby 1900  
Banner Of The Cross Daniel W. Whittle 1885  
Baptize Us Anew William. A. Ogden    
Baptized In Water      
Baptized Into Thy Name Most Holy Johann J. Rambach 1734  
Battle Hymn of the Republic Julia W. Howe 1861 Yes
Be A Faithful Witness For The Lord Harry D. Loes 1915  
Be A Ray Of Sunshine Anna B. Russell 1917  
Be Firm And Be Faithful Unknown Unknown  
Be Known To Us In Breaking Bread James Montgomery 1825 Yes
Be Near Us Holy Trinity Unknown Unknown  
Be Not Afraid Alfred J. Hough 1900 Yes
Be Not Dismayed (God Will Take Care Of You) Civilla D. Martin 1904 Yes
Be Now Imitators Of Your Lord Susan H. Peterson 1998  
Be Present At Our Table Lord John Cennick 1741  
Be Present Holy Trinity Unknown Unknown  
Be Ready To Go C.C. Williams 1908  
Be Ready When The Bridegroom Comes James M. Black 1897  
Be Silent Be Silent Franny Crosby 1903  
Be Still My Soul Katharina A. Von Schlegel 1752 Yes
Be Still My Soul For God Is Near William D. MacLagan 1873  
Be Strong Maltbie D. Babcock 1921  
Be Strong And Courageous Fanny Crosby 1907  
Be Strong In God Susan H. Peterson 1998  
Be Thou Exalted Fanny Crosby 1901 Yes
Be Thou My Guardian And My Guide Isaac Williams 1842  
Be Thou My Helper In The Strife Unknown Unknown  
Be Thou My Judge Unknown Unknown  
Be Thou My Vision Dallan Forgaill 1905 Yes
Be Thou O God Exalted High Nahum Tate 1696  
Be Thou Supreme J. Temperley Grey Unknown  
Be To Our God      
Be True And List Kate L. Colby Unknown  
Be With Us Gracious Lord Today Charles D. Bell 1873  
Be Ye Joyful Earth And Sky Unknown Unknown  
Beams Of Heaven As I Go Charles A. Tindley 1906  
Beauteous Are The Flowers of the Earth William C. Dix Unknown  
Beautiful Barney E. Warren 1911  
Beautiful Beckoning Hands Charles C. Luther 1893  
Beautiful Bethlehem Bells Frank L. Stanton 1918  
Beautiful Christmas Mary B. Slade 1876  
Beautiful Eden Bells Fanny Crosby Unknown  
Beautiful Homeland Laura E. Newell 1902  
Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere Jessie B. Pounds 1897 Yes
Beautiful Robes Eliza E. Hewitt 1890  
Beautiful Sabbath Fanny Crosby Unknown  
Beautiful Savior German Jesuits 1873  
Beautiful Savior German Jesuits 1873  
Beautiful Star Eliza E. Hewitt 1893 Yes
Beautiful Sunshine Fanny Crosby 1901  
Beautiful Vale Of Rest Fanny Crosby 1868  
Beautiful Valley Of Eden William O. Cushing 1875  
Beautiful Waters Of Eden Fanny Crosby 1915  
Beautiful Witness Fanny Crosby 1868  
Beautiful Words Of Jesus Eliza E. Hewitt 1851 yes
Because I Knew Not When My Life Was Good Sarah Williams 1868  
Because I Love Jesus James Rowe 1902  
Because Thou Hast Said Charles Wesley 1745  
Because Thy Trust Is God Alone unknown 1830  
Before His Eye Neil Barham 2005  
Before Jehovah's Awful Throne Isaac Watts 1719  
Before The Ending Of The Day Ambrose of Milan unknown yes
Before The Lord We Bow Francis S. Key 1832  
Before Thee God Who Knowest All Magnus B. Landstad 1861  
Before Thee Lord A People Waits unknown unknown  
Before Thy People I Confess unknown 1912  
Before Thy Throne O God We Kneel William b. Carpenter 1918  
Begin My Tongue Isaac Watts 1707 yes
Begone Unbelief John Newton 1779  
Behold A Little Child William W. How 1872  
Behold A Sower Washington Gladden 1897  
Behold A Stranger At The Door Joseph Grigg 1765 yes
Behold Behold The Lamb Of God Richard Jukes 1839  
Behold He Cometh Fanny Crosby 1915  
Behold Him Now On Yonder Tree George S. Smith 1887  
Behold How Good unknown unknown yes
Behold Me Standing At The Door Fanny Crosby unknown  
Behold My Servant unknown 1750  
Behold The Amazing Gift Of Love Isaac Watts 1709  
Behold The Bridegroom Comes John M. Whyte 1890  
Behold The Bridegroom Cometh (Moultrie) Gerard Moultrie 1864 yes
Behold The Bridegroom Cometh (Root) George F. Root 1894  
Behold The Bridegroom Draweth Nigh unknown 1901  
Behold The Christian Warrior Stand James Montgomery 1825  
Behold The Glories Of The Lamb Isaac Watts 1688  
Behold The Grace Appears Isaac Watts 1707  
Behold The Great Creator Makes Thomas Pestel 1659 yes
Behold The Hands Stretched Out For Aid Vivian A. Drake 1891  
Behold The Heathen Waits To Know Mrs. Vokes 1797  
Behold The Joyful Day Is Nigh Johan O. Wallin 1839  
Behold The Lamb Of God Matthew Bridges 1848 yes
Behold The Lofty Sky Isaac Watts 1719  
Behold the Love, the Generous Love Isaac Watts 1719  
Behold The Lovely Springtime Fanny Crosby 1876  
Behold The Master Passeth By William W. How 1871  
Behold The Messengers Of Christ Jean B. de Santeuil 1686  
Behold The Morning Sun Isaac Watts 1719  
Behold The Mountain Of The Lord Michael Bruce 1781 yes
Behold The Savior Of Mankind Samuel Wesley, Sr. 1700  
Behold The Servant Of The Lord Charles Wesley 1749 yes
Behold The Throne Of Grace John Newton 1779 yes
Behold The Wondrous Love Fanny Crosby unknown  
Behold These Words Are Trustworthy And True Susan H. Peterson 1999  
Behold Us Lord A Little Space John Ellerton 1870  
Behold We Come Dear Lord To Thee John Austin unknown  
Behold What Love What Boundless Love Robert Boswell unknown yes
Behold What Wondrous Grace Isaac Watts 1707  
Behold What Wondrous Love And Grace William Sanders 1821  
Being His Neil Barham 2005  
Being Of Beings Charles Wesley 1739  
Believe And Obey Fanny Crosby 1894  
Believe Not Those Who Say Anne Bronte 1848  
Believe Ye That I Am Able? Mary B. Wingate 1899  
Believing Fathers Oft Have Told Archibald H. Chateris 1899  
Beneath The Cross Of Jesus Elizabeth C. Clephane 1868 yes
Beneath The Forms Of Outward Rite James A Blaisdell unknown  
Beset With Snares On Ev'ry Hand Philip Doddridge 1755  
Beside The Gospel Pool John Newton 1779  
Bethesda Is Open Rev. F. Denison 1877  
Bethlehem Calvary Olivet Tell Leila N. Morris 1911  
Beulah Land Edgar P. Stites 1876  
Beulah Land  
Beyond Beyond That Boundless Sea Josiah Conder 1824  
Beyond The Glittering Starry Skies James Fanch 1615  
Beyond The Smiling Horatius Bonar 1849  
Beyond This Land Of Parting Mary B. Slade 1876  
Birds Are Rejoicing unknown unknown  
Bless O My Soul The Living God Isaac Watts 1719  
Bless This Hour Of Prayer Fanny Crosby 1868  
Bless Thou The Gifts Our Hands Have Brought Samuel Longfellow 1886  
Bless Us Children Now Fanny Crosby unknown  
Blessed Are The Sons Of God Joseph Humphreys 1743  
Blessed Are They That Believe Fanny Crosby 1868  
Blessed Assurance Fanny Crosby 1873  
Blessed Be The Fountain Eden R. Latta 1881  
Blessed Be The Name (Clark) William H. Clark unknown  
Blessed Be The Name (Pickett) Lycurgus L. Pickett 1894  
Blessed Bible Fanny Crosby unknown  
Blessed Calvary Avis M.. Christiansen 1921  
Blessed City unknown unknown  
Blessed Cross Of Jesus Fanny Crosby 1877  
Blessed Feast Of Blessed Martyrs unknown unknown  
Blessed God We Bow In Worship Franklin Hunter 2002  
Blessed Homeland Fanny Crosby 1877  
Blessed Jesus At Thy Word Tobias Clausnitzer 1663  
Blessed Jesus Here We Stand Benjamin Schmolck 1709  
Blessed Lord In Thee Is Refuge Herbert h. Booth 1886  
Blessed Master I Have Promised Charles A. Dickinson 1900  
Blessed News Fanny Crosby