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  1. A Year Of Precious Blessings  

  2. The Year Is Gone Beyond Recall  

  3. The Year Is Swiftly Waning  

  4. Yahweh

  5. Ye Angels Who Stand Round The Throne

  6. Ye Are The Light Of The World

  7. Ye Boundless Realms Of Joy

  8. Ye Children Come Give Ear To Me

  9. Ye Choirs Of New Jerusalem

  10. Ye Christian Heralds Go Proclaim

  11. Ye Clouds Of  Darkness Hosts Of Night

  12. Ye Fainting Souls Lift Up Your Eyes,

  13. Ye Faithful Souls Who Jesus Know

  14. Ye Gates Lift Your Heads  

  15. Ye Heavenly Choir  

  16. Ye Holy Angels Bright  

  17. Ye Humble Souls Approach Your God  

  18. Ye Humble Souls That Seek The Lord  

  19. Ye Know That The Lord Is Gracious

  20. Ye Lands To The Lord Make A Jubilant Noise

  21. Ye Little Flock Whom Jesus Feeds

  22. Ye Messengers Of Christ  

  23. Ye Must Be Born Again  

  24. Ye Must Be Willing

  25. Ye Nations Round The Earth Rejoice  

  26. Ye Neighbors And Friends Of Jesus  

  27. Ye Pilgrims That Are Wandring Home

  28. Ye Ransomed Sinners Hear  

  29. Ye Righteous In The Lord Rejoice     

  30. Ye Servants Of God  

  31. Ye Servants Of Our Glorious King  

  32. Ye Servants Of The Lord  

  33. Ye Shall Be My Witnesses  

  34. Ye Simple Man Of Hearts Sincere  

  35. Ye Sons And Daughters Of The King

  36. Ye Sons Of Earth Prepare The Plough  

  37. Ye Sons Of Men A Feeble Race  

  38. Ye Sons Of Men Oh Hearken  

  39. Ye Sons Of Men With Joy Record  

  40. Ye That Obey Th'immortal King  

  41. Ye That Pass By Behold The Man  

  42. Ye Thirsty For God  

  43. Ye Virgin Souls Arise  

  44. Ye Waiting Souls Arise  

  45. Ye Watchers And Ye Holy Ones  

  46. Ye Who His Temple Throng,

  47. Ye Who Own The Faith Of Jesus

  48. Ye Who The Name Of Jesus Bear  

  49. Yea As I Live Jehovah Saith  

  50. Years I Spent In Vanity And Pride  

  51. Yes For Me He Careth  

  52. Yes God Is Good  

  53. Yes He Did

  54. Yes He Did

  55. Yes I Know!  

  56. Yes Lord I Believe

  57. Yes Lord Yes,

  58. Yes The Redeemer Rose  

  59. Yes There Is Pardon For You  

  60. Yes Whosoever Will

  61. Yesterday Today Forever  

  62. Yesterday With Exultation  

  63. Yet There Is Room  

  64. Yield Not To Temptation  

  65. You

  66. You Alone

  67. You Are

  68. You Are A Holy God

  69. You Are A Holy God

  70. You Are All

  71. You Are Awesome God

  72. You Are Everything

  73. You Are Everything2

  74. You Are Glorious

  75. You Are God

  76. You Are Good

  77. You Are Here

  78. You Are Merciful To Me

  79. You Are My All In All,

  80. You Are My Hiding Place

  81. You Are My King

  82. You Are My Shepherd

  83. You Are Near

  84. You Are Precious

  85. You Are So Good To Me

  86. You Are Still Holy

  87. You Are The Christ

  88. You Are The God

  89. You Are The Hope

  90. You Are The King Of Glory

  91. You Are The One

  92. You Are The River

  93. You Are There

  94. You Are Worthy

  95. You Are Worthy Of My Praise

  96. You Ask Me How I Know That Jesus Saves Me

  97. You Can Come

  98. You Cant Be A Beacon

  99. You Cant Do Wrong And Get By

  100. You Come To Me

  101. You Don't Knock

  102. You Don't Love God If You Don't Love Your Neighbor

  103. You Gave Me A Mountain

  104. You Gave Us Hope

  105. You Have Redeemed My Soul

  106. You Have Wandered Far On The Desert Lone  

  107. You Haven't Lived

  108. You Living Christ Our Eyes Behold

  109. You May Have The Joy-Bells  

  110. You May Sing Of The Beauties

  111. You Must Be Redeemed  

  112. You Need Love

  113. You Only You

  114. You Ought To Know Him  

  115. You Ought To Sing

  116. You Put This Love In My Heart

  117. You Said

  118. You Shall Be Holy

  119. You Shelter Me

  120. You Shine

  121. You That Have Spent The Silent Night

  122. You Then Me

  123. You Were Transfigured On The Mountain

  124. You Will See Your Lord A-Coming  

  125. You'll Never Walk Alone

  126. You'll Say His Name

  127. Young Man

  128. Young Men And Maidens Raise  

  129. Your Beloved

  130. Your Blood Says Everything

  131. Your Fathers Heart

  132. Your Grace

  133. Your Hands O Lord

  134. Your Harps Ye Trembling Saints  

  135. Your Holiness Surrounds Me

  136. Your Love Is Amazing

  137. Your Love Oh Lord

  138. Your Love Reaches Me

  139. Your Mission

  140. Your Name Is Holy

  141. Your Presence Is My Favorite Gift

  142. Your Unfailing Love

  143. Your Word Brings Me Life

  144. Your Word Is A Lamp For My Feet

  145. You're An Angel

  146. You're So Wonderful

  147. You're The One

  148. You're The Source

  149. Yours Is The Day

  150. Yours Is The Greatness

  151. Yours Is The Kingdom

  152. Youth Of The World Arise

  153. You've Got To Go


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