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O gracious God forsake me not

O gracious God, forsake me not,
When I am old and gray,
That unto those that follow me
I may Thy might display.

Thy perfect righteousness, O God,
The height of Heav�n exceeds;
O who is like to Thee, who hast
Performed such mighty deeds?

Thou Who hast sent me many griefs
Wilt yet my soul restore,
And out of sorrow�s lowest depths
Wilt bring me forth once more.

O turn again and comfort me,
My waning strength increase,
And for Thy faithfulness, O God,
My praise shall never cease.

Thou Holy One of Israel,
To Thee sweet songs I raise;
The soul Thou hast redeemed from death
Shall give Thee joyful praise.

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