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O golden day so long desired

O golden day! so long desired,
Born of a darksome night,
Soon shall the waiting earth be fired
With thy resplendent light;
Soon shall resound the joyous word
Oer hill and vale and sea,
One Master, Christ; one Sovereign Lord,
And brethren all are we.

Soon shall the night of darkness cease,
It storms no longer roar;
The threatening foes of Gods own peace
Shall vex His world no more;
Ten thousand thousand hearts shall sing
The surging harmony,
One Master, Christ; one Savior King,
And brethren all are we.

Sing on, ye chorus of the morn,
Lift high the glad refrain,
Till oer the distant isles is borne
The sweet triumphant strain;
Till every race, with ransomed powers,
In loving loyalty
Shall sing, One Master, Christ, is ours,
And brethren all are we.

O golden day! the ages crown,
Alight with heavenly love,
Glad day of promise and renown,
On to thy triumph move;
When all the world with one accord,
In full voiced unity,
Shall sing, One Master, Christ, our Lord,
And brethren all are we.

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