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O golden day so long desired

O golden day! so long desired,
Born of a darksome night,
Soon shall the waiting earth be fired
With thy resplendent light;
Soon shall resound the joyous word
O�er hill and vale and sea,
�One Master, Christ; one Sovereign Lord,
And brethren all are we.�

Soon shall the night of darkness cease,
It storms no longer roar;
The threatening foes of God�s own peace
Shall vex His world no more;
Ten thousand thousand hearts shall sing
The surging harmony,
�One Master, Christ; one Savior King,
And brethren all are we.�

Sing on, ye chorus of the morn,
Lift high the glad refrain,
Till o�er the distant isles is borne
The sweet triumphant strain;
Till every race, with ransomed powers,
In loving loyalty
Shall sing, �One Master, Christ, is ours,
And brethren all are we.�

O golden day! the ages� crown,
Alight with heavenly love,
Glad day of promise and renown,
On to thy triumph move;
When all the world with one accord,
In full voiced unity,
Shall sing, �One Master, Christ, our Lord,
And brethren all are we.�

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