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O God, Thou high and lofty One

O God, Thou high and lofty One,
Transcending all the rolling spheres,
Who wast, and art, and art to come,
The same through everlasting years.
Thee would we worship and adore,
Thy Name extol forevermore.

Thou art the Framer of the skies;
The heav�ns Thy glory do declare;
And nature�s wondrous mysteries,
In earth and sky and sea and air,
Thy immanence fore�er proclaim
Throughout her universal frame.

To all Thy works thy power extends;
Omnipotent we know Thou art;
Thy wisdom matchless comprehends
The universe in every part:
Past, present, future, unto Thee
Are known�one vast eternity.

Thou art Thyself in every place,
Infinite Life and Light and Love,
Confined to neither time nor space;
None from Thy presence can remove,
Nor any soul hide aught from Thee,
Whose presence fills immensity.

Prostrate before Thy throne we fall,
With reverence worship and adore;
Thou art Jehovah, over all,
God bless�d now and evermore;
Unworthy we to lisp thy Name,
Yet justly Thou our praise dost claim.

Search Thou our hearts, try all within;
Our hearts are open, Lord, to Thee;
And if Thou seest aught unclean,
From its defilement set us free;
Then lead us forth from day to day
Within the everlasting way.

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