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O God of love grant us Your peace
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O God of love, grant us Your peace,
Within each restless mind.
May all our inner turmoil cease,
God show us how to find
Your quiet rest, Your still, small voice,
Your light upon life’s way,
To walk with you our humble choice,
God give us grace to pray.

O God of life, grant us Your peace,
Both where we work and live.
Our ties of fellowship increase,
God, teach us how to give
A helping hand, a listening ear,
A message we may share,
So day by day and year by year,
God give us grace to care!

O God of hope, grant us Your peace,
Though all the earth choose war.
May global tensions now decrease,
God, lead us to adore
The way of Christ, and like our Lord,
Be merciful and just,
Surrounded by Your Living Word,
God give us grace to trust!

O God of all, grant us Your peace,
We share one human bond,
And so when others seek release,
God, help us to respond
To heal the sick, to seek the lost,
To set the captive free,
To serve and never count the cost;
May we live peacefully!

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