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O could I speak the matchless worth

O could I speak the matchless worth,
O could I sound the glories forth which in my Savior shine!
I�d sing His glorious righteousness, and magnify the wondrous grace
Which made salvation mine, which made salvation mine.

I�d sing the precious blood He spilt,
My ransom from the dreadful guilt of sin, and wrath divine;
I�d sing His glorious righteousness, in which all perfect, heavenly dress
My soul shall ever shine, my soul shall ever shine.

I�d sing the characters He bears,
And all the forms of love He wears, exalted on His throne;
In loftiest songs of sweetest praise, I would to everlasting days
Make all His glories known, make all His glories known.

Soon, the delightful day will come
When my dear Lord will bring me home, and I shall see His face;
Then with my Savior, Brother, Friend, a bless�d eternity I�ll spend,
Triumphant in His grace, triumphant in His grace.

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