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O Christians, leagued together

O Christians, leagued together to battle for the right
Arise and don your armor, put the foe to flight!
We�ve given our allegiance to serve without surcease
The mighty Lord of armies and gentle Prince of Peace.


All hail, our glorious Savior!
We march where Thou hast trod,
To seek Thy house of triumph,
The city of our God.

Then �onward� be the war cry; and onward still, so long
As we have self to conquer, souls to cheer with song.
Let sound the martial music, ring out the bugle call
To rally for the conflict our people one and all.


We proudly bear as banner a cross within the heart,
To show that we have chosen Christ, the better part.
Then joy and peace and comfort shall blossom as a rose,
Until our earthly blessings the worth of heaven disclose.



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