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O Christ the Lord of Heaven, to Thee

O Christ, the Lord of Heaven, to Thee
Clothed with all majesty divine,
Eternal power and glory be:
Eternal praise and right is Thine.

Reign, Prince of Life, Who once Thy brow
Didst yield to wear the wounding thorn;
Reign throned beside the Father now,
Adored the Son of God firstborn.

From angel hosts, that round Thee stand,
With forms more pure than spotless snow,
From the bright burning seraph band,
Let praise in loftiest numbers flow.

To Thee, the Lamb, our mortal songs,
Born of deep fervent love, shall rise;
All honor to Thy Name belongs:
Our lips would sound it to the skies.

Jesus! all earth shall speak the word;
Jesus! all Heaven resound it still:
Immanuel, Savior, Conqueror, Lord,
Thy praise the universe shall fill.

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