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O Christ Redeemer of our race

O Christ, Redeemer of our race,
Thou Brightness of the Father�s face,
Of Him, and with Him ever One,
Ere times and seasons had begun.

Thou art that very Light of Light,
Unfailing hope in sin�s dark night,
Hear Thou the prayers Thy people pray,
The wide world o�er, this bless�d day.

Remember, Lord of life and grace,
How once, to save a ruined race,
Thou didst our very flesh assume
In Mary�s undefil�d womb.

Today, as year by year its light
Sheds o�er the world a radiance bright,
One precious truth is echoed on,
��Tis Thou hast saved us, Thou alone.�

Thou from the Father�s throne didst come
To call His banished children home;
And Heav�n, and earth, and sea and shore
His love Who sent Thee here adore.

And gladsome too are we today,
Whose guilt Thy blood has washed away;
Redeemed the new made song we sing;
It is the birthday of our King.

O Lord, the Virgin born, to Thee
Eternal praise and glory be,
Whom with the Father we adore
And Holy Ghost forevermore.

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