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O Brothers Life Your Voices

O brothers, lift your voice, triumphant songs to raise;
Till Heav�n on high rejoices, and earth is filled with praise;
Ten thousand hearts are bounding, with holy hopes and free;
The Gospel trump is sounding, the trump of jubilee.

O Christian brothers, glorious shall be the conflict�s close;
The cross hath been victorious, and shall be o�er its foes;
Faith is our battle token; our Leader all controls;
Our trophies, fetters broken; our captives, ransomed souls.

Not unto us, Lord Jesus: to Thee all praise be due,
Whose blood-bought mercy frees us, has freed our brethren, too.
Not unto us: in glory the angels catch the strain,
And cast their crowns before Thee exultingly again.

Great God of our salvation, Thy presence we adore;
Praise, glory, adoration be Thine forevermore;
Still on in conflict pressing on Thee Thy people call,
Thee King of kings confessing, Thee crowning Lord of all.

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