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O blessed Lord, what hast Thou done!

O bless�d Lord, what hast Thou done!
How vast a ransom paid!
Who could conceive God�s only Son
Upon the altar laid!

Thy Father, in His perfect love,
Did spare Thee from His side;
And Thou did stoop to bear above,
At such a cost Thy bride.

Lord, while our souls in faith repose
Upon Thy precious blood,
Peace like an even river flows,
And mercy like a flood.

But boundless joy shall fill our hearts
When gazing on Thy face,
We fully see what faith imparts,
And glory crowns Thy grace.

Unseen we love Thee, dear Thy Name
But when our eyes behold,
With joyful wonder we�ll exclaim,
The half hath not been told!

For Thou exceedest all the fame
Our ears have ever heard:
Happy are they who know Thy Name,
And trust Thy faithful Word!

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