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Now I have found a firm foundation

Now I have found the firm foundation
Which holds mine anchor ever sure;
Twas laid before the worlds creation
In Christ my Saviors wounds secure;
Foundation which unmoved shall stay
When Heavn and earth will pass away.

It is that mercy never ending
Which human wisdom far transcends,
Of Him Who, loving arms extending,
To wretched sinners condescends;
Whose heart with pity still doth break
Whether we seek Him or forsake.

Our ruin God hath not intended,
For our salvation He hath yearned;
For this His Son to earth descended
And then to Heavn again returned;
For this so patient evermore
He knocketh at our hearts closed door.

O depth of love, to me revealing
The sea where my sins disappear!
In Christ my wounds find perfect healing,
There is no condemnation here;
For Jesus blood through earth and skies
Forever Mercy! Mercy! cries.

I never will forget this crying;
In faith Ill trust it all my days,
And when oer all my sins Im sighing,
Into the Fathers heart Ill gaze;
For there is always to be found
Free mercy without end and bound.

Though I be robbed of every pleasure
That makes my soul and body glad
And be deprived of earthly treasure
And be forsaken, lone, and sad,
Though my desire for help seem vain,
His mercy shall with me remain.

Though earthly trials should oppress me
And cares from day to day increase;
Though earths vain things should sore distress me
And rob me of my Saviors peace;
Though I be brought down to the dust,
Still in His mercy I will trust.

When all my deeds I am reviewing,
The deeds that I admire the most,
I find in all my thought and doing
That there is naught whereof to boast.
Yet this sweet comfort shall abide
In mercy I can still confide.

Let mercy cause me to be willing
To bear my lot and not to fret.
While He my restless heart is stilling,
May I His mercy not forget!
Come weal, come woe, my heart to test,
His mercy is my only rest.

Ill stand upon this firm foundation
As long as I on earth remain;
This shall engage my meditation
While I the breath of life retain;
And then, when face to face with Thee,
Ill sing of mercy, great and free.


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