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No More

No, no, no (no)
No, no, no
No more burdens (no more trials), no more trials
(I'm gonna be at rest) I will be at rest
(In a land so bright and fair) In that land so bright and fair
(Oh no more worries) No more worries, (my tears won't find me) tears won't find me

(No, no, no, no, no more)
No, no, no
(Thank you, Jesus, no more worries up there)
No more up there

(One day I'm gonna be crossing over) Crossing over
(Gonna be crossing over chilly waters) Chilly waters
(But I'm gonna have no fear) I will have no fear
(My Jesus is waiting there) For my Lord is waiting there
(He is gonna guide me through the valley) He will guide me
(Guide me through the valley) Through death's valley

[Solo on top of chorus:]
No more trials or tribulations up there

(One of these old days) No, no
(I'll lay my burdens now) No, no
(No more, no no, trials or tribulations up there) No, no, no, no

(No more, no more) No more
(No, no, no, no more troubles, hey) No more, no more
(Gonna be shouting my troubles over) No more, no more, no more
(Thank you, Jesus)

We'll be singing up there (One of these ole days)
In that choir in the air (I'm gonna sing and shout)
We'll be shouting, exclaiming (Nobody there)
God's wonderful care (Is gonna put me out)
(No, no, no, no, no more, no more) No more, no more, no more
(No more sorrow, no more tribulation)
(Wanna see my Jesus, I gotta find a way there, up in glory, hey) No more, no more, no more

No more crying, (no more dying) no more dying,
(When we gather up there) When we gather there
(There will be no more despair) There will be no more despair
No more sadness, (there will, gonna be gladness) all will be gladness

Repeat Chorus

(No more heartache) No more heartache
(No, no, no, no more broken promises up there) Promises break
(I'll never be alone) Never more alone
(One day I'm gonna gather round the throne) Cause we will be at home
(No more parting) Parting's all done
(I'll never, never, never have to say goodbye) We'll see the Son

Repeat Chorus (x3)
[Solo on top of choruses:]
I'm gonna see Jesus, Jesus
I'm gonna see Jesus, gonna see my Savior
Well, leaving this old world behind
Oh yeah, no more, no more sickness,
No more sadness, no more heartache,
I'm gonna see Jesus


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