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Lord of Life Prophetic Spirit

Lord of Life, prophetic Spirit,
In sweet measure evermore
To the holy children dealing
Each his gift from Thy rich store;
Bless Thy family, adoring
As in Israel�s schools of yore.

Holy Jesus, Eye most loving,
On each young disciple bent;
Voice that, seeming earthly, summoned
Samuel to the awful tent;
Hand that cast Elijah�s mantle;
Thine be all Thy grace hath lent.

As to Thine own seventy scholars
Thou of old Thine arm didst reach,
Under Thy majestic shadow
Guiding them to do and teach,
Till their hour of solemn unction;
So be with us all and each.

God and Father of all spirits,
Whose dread call young Joshua knew,
Forty days in darkness waiting
With Thy servant good and true,
Thence to wage Thy war descending,
Own us, Lord, Thy champions, too.

One Thy light, the temple filling,
Holy, holy, holy Three;
Meanest men and brightest angels
Wait alike the word from Thee;
Highest musings, lowliest worship,
Must their preparation be.

Now Thou speakest�hear we trembling�
From the glory comes a voice.
Who accepts th�Almighty�s mission?
Who will make Christ�s work his choice?
Who for Us proclaim to sinners,
Turn, believe, endure, rejoice?

Here are we, Redeemer, send us!
But because Thy work is fire,
And our lips, unclean and earthly,
Breathe no breath of high desire;
Send Thy seraph from the altar
Veiled, but in his bright attire.

Cause him, Lord, to fly full swiftly
With the mystic coal in hand,
Sin consuming, soul transforming,
(Faith and love will understand);
Touch our lips, Thou awful Mercy
With Thine own keen healing brand.

Thou didst come that fire to kindle;
Fain would we Thy torches prove,
Far and wide Thy beacons lighting
With th�undying spark of love:
Only feed our flame, we pray Thee,
With Thy breathings from above.

Now to God, the soul�s Creator,
To His Word and wisdom sure,
To His all enlightening Spirit,
Patron of the frail and poor,
Three in One, be praise and glory,
Here and while the heav�ns endure.



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