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Lord, its Unfair

Spoken intro:
Rick: One of the greatest things about this album I think is the way that God has blessed us with the many life experiences that we've had during this past year, and the ability to record them on paper in form of lyrics and music and help other people relate to the things that we've been dealing with.
Brian Fuller: Ya know, I was lookin' over the list of all of the songs that are on this album and there are several on here that have such personal meaning behind them to us, ya know because we wrote, this year I think especially on this album, wrote from these, like you mentioned, personal experiences, whether it be someone in our family or someone that we meet at a concert or just stay in their homes and we get to know their families, and we had such...
Brian Lewis: Yeah, within a, within a few months time I had close friends, a couple that lost a baby that was only alive for a week, and just a few months later lost an uncle who was pretty much like a dad to me, and had me and had me asking those questions that everybody asks, ya know why, why do these things happen? And ya know it's just not fair that these kind of things should happen. So uh, I sat down and wrote a song about it.

I pronounce you man and wife
You may now kiss your bride
They could see the road that lay ahead
Their eyes open wide
They knew the years they'd be together
And all the dreams they'd share
But the cancer took that all away
Lord, it's not fair

But it wasn't fair when the soldiers spit in His face
(But it wasn't fair when the soldiers put the crown of thorns upon His head and spit in His face)
And it wasn't fair that the Savior had to take my place
(And it wasn't fair in the garden that the Savior asked another way but had to take my place)
It wasn't fair that my Jesus hung on a tree
(It wasn't fair that they drove the nails and raised the cross on Calvary, He hung on a tree)
But unfair for Him is what saved me

That child growing in her womb
The first son that she would know
She couldn't wait to hold his tiny hands
Or to watch him grow
Little Cameron could have been your friend
The kind of friend who'd care
But a week was all that he would live
Lord it's not fair

Repeat Chorus

Evil prospers everyday; I don't understand
Families are torn apart; that can't be Your plan
Lord please make it clearer, give peace to everyone
Only You can know our suffering
Because You gave Your only son
You gave up Your son

Repeat Chorus

Yes unfair for Him is what saved me


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