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Keep Prayin

Spoken Vocal:
What if I don't give you the justice you want and you will be the death of me?
Hey! Pss...yeah, yall come
Gather 'round

Now let me tell you the story
The Lord told His disciples to pray and not give up
Now there was a town, a judge, they tell me he lived within
Didn't care for nobody, not God, nor big bad men
In the same little place there lived a widow
Bout four foot three
Louder than Gabriel when she shouted the same old plea
"Now listen your honor I'm tellin' the story as plain as it can be
I'm needin' some justice against my adversary
I need it, I want it, I got to have it!"

Chorus 1:
(Whenever His children call) Whenever God's children call
(God hears them all) He hears them all
(He's never far away) He's never, never, never far away
(Pray every day) Pray every day
(Never) Never give up
(Give up) Never give in
(Praying) Pray on

He kept tellin' her,
"Never, now woman you know you're worryin' me
But if I don't give the justice you're wanting
You will be the death of me! (death of me)"
Now if you were blind you could see it as plain as the nose He gave to you
If they can achieve some justice, well think of the things the Lord can do
Now sometimes the wicked they make you sick
But don't be discouraged 'cause justice is comin' quick (justice is coming quick)
Please don't think that nobody cares about you
He'll be in the schoolyard (yhe schoolyard)
The workplace (yhe workplace), whatever you do (yes)
He said it, He meant it, and I believe it (I said I believe it)

Chorus 2:
(Whenever His children call) Children are callin' Him from all over the world
(God hears them all) But He hears them all
(He's never far away) My God is not far away
(Pray every day)
You got to pray (never Give up Praying)

Oh, Children prayin' (children prayin')
Pleasin' the Lord (pleasin' the Lord)
And His will obeying (will obeying)
His Holy Word (Holy Word)
Get our hearts together (hearts together)
In one accord (in one accord)
His grace and blessings (grace and blessings)
Is their reward (their reward)

Now if you're wonderin' what is the message we're sendin' in this small tune
Justice is comin' when you need it, and it might be soon
Now we'd like to leave you with somethin' to keep on your mind as you sing this song
Well if you are prayin' to Jesus
Keep prayin' and prayin' you can't go wrong

("Keep prayin' and prayin' and prayin', you can't go wrong" repeated in background)
Listen here youngsta,
You think cause you got your eyes closed youe and arms folded
You're prayin' huh?
Well, that's what they told me in church
Oh ya ain't got to have your mouth movin' just to be prayin
Well, it's no use anyway cause I prayed Sunday and nothin' happened
Now see, see that's what your problem is right there
You need to pray everyday, not just Sunday and Wednesday
Are you sure?
You need to be prayin' every day of the week
Well, would-
Oh, we got to pray! We got to pray youngsta, we got to pray
Make a difference


Brothers keep on, keep prayin!
(Oh, is that it?)


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