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If Jesus had not Risen

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Do you believe
There's much more to this life
Than what we see?
Does the world need more hope
beyond the grave?
Can we depend on
A god to lead our way
To say

If Jesus (if Jesus) had not risen (Jesus)
There'd be no need (there'd be no need)
To keep on livin' (keep on livin')
'Cause the future ('cause the future)
Of this world (the future of this world)
Would be so cold
So dark and cold (so dark and cold)
If Jesus (Jesus) had not risen (Jesus)
There'd be no love
No reason to forgive (no reason forgive)
But thank God
Our hope in Him
Does not depend on "If"

Should the parents
Take time to raise the children? (take the time, take the time, take the time)
Why should God care
For people anyway?
Is there a reason for anyone (anyone) to pray?

Hear me when I say...
Repeat Chorus

By the power of love he arose from the grave
By the spirit of God He continues to save
And His people are known by a natural display of His love

All our sins are forgiven
Our hope is secure
There's a reason to live now forevermore
He is love
He is alive
I'm alive

(Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus)

Every baby born, every tree that buds, every seed that sprouts is proof of our need for resurrection. Had not the Spirit of Yahweh stirred within the cold body of our crucified Lord, there'd be no certainty that the spirit of life could conquer the death in our own hearts, or in our broken, dying world. But the warmth of God's Spirit did move, and Jesus walked out of the tomb, victor over decay! Because He lives, we are certain that His life in us will conquer our own dying spirit. The living Lord replaces despair with hope, and gives us courage where there was fear. He gives us the certainty it takes to train our children and the love it takes to conquer hatred, pessimism, and distrust. Jesus lives. And life wins. Did ya hear me? Life wins!


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