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Accept One Another

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When you are going to judge
You need to take a second look
Not at your brother's speck
But the warning that's in The Book
'Cause who alone can judge
Except the One who knows our mind?
He knows the inner man
And difficulties we may find

So often we condemn (Condemn)
And our minds are never in gear (Minds are never in gear)
Our feelings then are led (Are led)
By suspicious, crippling fear (Suspicious, crippling)
To love our brothers now (Now)
We've got to use our Master's eyes (Eyes)
So we will not condemn
The result will be a surprise when we...

Accept one another without judging your brother
The Lord has been good to you
Accept one another without judging your brother
It's the Godly thing you ought to do
Accept one another without judging your brother
There's no need to cause a fight
Accept one another without judging your brother
It's the Godly way of living right

What do you want yourself (What do you want?)
When it comes right down to a choice?
Is judgement what you want (What you want)
Or a kind and merciful voice (Merciful voice)
To tell you that they care
And are overlooking the bad?
They know your faults so well
But are accepting you instead

And now we leave with your choice
Won't you tell me what'll you do? (What'll you do?)
The measures that you use
Is the measure that's used for you
So when you're prone to judge
Won't you think of this simple song
Before you make mistakes
By judging and treating them wrong, instead...

Repeat Chorus

When you think of what He's done
Givin' up His only son
Livin' in a world of hate
How can you retaliate?
Knowing what he's done for me
Following His legacy
I'm gonna rise above
Accepting those that He has loved

Repeat Chorus

It's the Godly way of living right
It's the Godly way of living right



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