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Weight Lifting in Church? A New Hymnal Too Heavy For Its Pew

Kernersville, NC � April 28, 2008 � Remember the times going to church as a child and having to read the songs from that white book tucked behind the pews? Today more and more churches have resorted to posting the words on large screens via PowerPoint than using the old hymnals. But those old dusty hymnals contain many classic Christian songs that are treasured by millions.

The practical problem with hymns today, is that there are thousands upon thousands of those loved songs, but only enough space to fit about 300 in a traditional hymnal. And whenever you have that worship song from childhood stuck in your head, how frustrating it is to not find it within those pages? But this problem has now been solved. The website hymnlyrics.org has compiled the lyrics for over 12,000 hymns from all eras. Popular and rare hymns. Classic and contemporary. Poems and spirituals. With over four years of research, the database is nearing completion. �It�s really amazing how many great hymns have been written over the centuries,� founder Kevin Carden says. �I think it�s great we have finally compiled them into one place.�

The 12,000 lyrics available on the site is about the equivalent to 40 standard size hymnals � much to large for one person to hold during an hour church service! And Carden is optimistic that his database will grow. �We are always adding new hymns each week to the site, and we have also recently started allowing our visitors to contribute their own original hymns.�

The website has been received about a million visitors in 2007, with projections to reach nearly 2 million in 2008. �The support from our visitors has been tremendous. I am receiving emails every day thanking us for the collection of hymns. We have been blessed, and we hope to keep blessing people from all over the world�.

While most of the songs on hymnlyrics.org were written in from 1850-1950, Carden is confident that these tunes will not go extinct. �Our goal is to preserve these great hymns for the future generations, but that is going to come only with hard work and research � and lots of prayer�.


Kevin Carden, founder
Website: www.hymnlyrics.org
Email: [email protected]


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