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What I would not be
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  1. I would not be a fruitless tree,
    With folage oer and oer,
    On which the Masters eye might find
    But leaves and nothing more;
    On which the Masters curse might fall
    And wither root, and branch, and all.
  2. I would not be a fruitless branch
    On Christ, who is the Vine,
    And cast abroad my deadly shade
    Where sunlight ought to shine
    The which the husbandman must spurn,
    And cast into the fire to burn.
  3. I would not be a barren ground,
    Refusing aught to yield,
    But choking thistles, thorns, and tares
    A bad and worthless field,
    From which the Lord would turn away,
    And leave it ever waste to lay.
  4. I would not be a servant mean,
    And hide beneath the ground
    The talent given by my Lord
    At last a sloth be found,
    Who, at the final judgment day,
    Must be forever cast away.



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