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  1. Race That Long In Darkness Pined

  2. Radiant Morn Hath Passed Away

  3. Rainbow Round The Throne

  4. Raindrops Of Mercy

  5. Raise His Praise

  6. Raise It Up The Name Of Jesus

  7. Raise The Psalm

  8. Raise The Song

  9. Rapture Indeed!

  10. Reach Out And Touch

  11. Reach Out To Jesus

  12. Reach Your Hand

  13. Reaching For Excellence

  14. Reaching For You

  15. Ready

  16. Ready To Go Home

  17. Reap Me The Earth

  18. Reapers Are Needed

  19. Reapers Are Needed

  20. Rebels, Who Had Dared To Show

  21. Receive, O Lord, Heaven Above

  22. Redeemed Through The Blood

  23. Redeemed, And With The Price Of Blood

  24. Redeemed, How I Love To Proclaim It

  25. Redeemed, Restored, Forgiven

  26. Redeemer Of Israel

  27. Redeemer Savior Friend

  28. Redemption

  29. Redemption Draweth Nigh

  30. Redemption Ground

  31. Refiner's Fire

  32. Refiner's Fire

  33. Refresh My Heart

  34. Refuge In You

  35. Regard My Grief And Rescue Me

  36. Regions Beyond

  37. Reign In Me

  38. Reigning In This Life

  39. Rejoice

  40. Rejoice And Be Glad

  41. Rejoice Forevermore

  42. Rejoice In Gods Saints

  43. Rejoice In The Lord

  44. Rejoice In The Lord Always

  45. Rejoice The Year Upon Its Way

  46. Rejoice Today

  47. Rejoice Today With One Accord

  48. Rejoice Today With One Accord

  49. Rejoice Ye People

  50. Rejoice Ye Pure In Heart

  51. Rejoice! The Year Upon Its Way

  52. Rejoice, O Land, In God

  53. Rejoice, Rejoice, Believers

  54. Rejoice, Rejoice, This Happy Morn

  55. Rejoice, Rejoice, Ye Christians

  56. Rejoice, The Lord Is King

  57. Release My Soul

  58. Religion Is The Chief Concern

  59. Religion What A Vast Estate

  60. Remember All The People

  61. Remember Christ Our Savior

  62. Remember Mercy

  63. Remember Not, O God

  64. Renew Me Jesus

  65. Renew Me O Eternal Light

  66. Repent, The Kingdom Draweth Nigh

  67. Repent, 'Tis The Voice Of Jesus

  68. Rescue The Perishing

  69. Rescued

  70. Rest At Home

  71. Rest For The Weary

  72. Rest If You Will

  73. Rest Of The Weary

  74. Rest Over Jordan

  75. Resting By And By

  76. Resting By And By

  77. Resting From His Work Today

  78. Resting In You

  79. Restore In Us O God

  80. Resurrection

  81. Resurrection Canon

  82. Resurrection Morn So Fair,

  83. Return To Bless My Waiting Eyes

  84. Return, O Wanderer

  85. Return, O Wanderer, To Thy Home

  86. Reunion In The Sky

  87. Revival Fire Wall

  88. Revival Fire Wall

  89. Revival Fire Way

  90. Revive The Hearts Of All

  91. Revive Thy Work, O Lord

  92. Revive Us

  93. Revive Us Again

  94. Ride On

  95. Ride On Triumphantly

  96. Ride Out Your Storm

  97. Righteous Father, We Have Wronged Thee

  98. Righteous God

  99. Righteousness Peace And Joy

  100. Ring On Ye Bells

  101. Ring Out The Bells For Christmas

  102. Ring Out The Grief

  103. Ring Out The Old, Ring In The New

  104. Ring The Bells Of Heaven

  105. Ring Ye Chiming Bell,

  106. Ring, Happy Bells

  107. Ringout The Bells For Christmas

  108. Rise And Shine

  109. Rise At The Cry Of Battle

  110. Rise From Your Graves, Ye Dead

  111. Rise In The Strength Of God

  112. Rise O Salem Rise And Shine Soul, Pursue the Path

  113. Rise To Arms!

  114. Rise Up And Shine

  115. Rise Up, O Men Of God

  116. Rise Up, Shepherd, And Follow

  117. Rise, Arise

  118. Rise, Crowned With Light

  119. Rise, Glorious Conqueror

  120. Rise, My Soul, And Stretch Thy Wings

  121. Rise, Thou Light Of Gentile Nations

  122. Rise, Ye Children Of Salvation

  123. Rites Cannot Change The Heart

  124. Rites Ver Of Thy Grace

  125. River Of Life

  126. River Of Peace

  127. River Of Thy Grave

  128. River Of Zion

  129. Rock Of Ages

  130. Rock Of Ages, Let Our Song

  131. Rock Of My Salvation

  132. Rock That Is Higher Than I

  133. Rockabye Jesus

  134. Rocked In The Cradle Of The Deep

  135. Rocking

  136. Roll Jordan Roll

  137. Roll On, Though Mighty Ocean

  138. Roll Out, O Song To God

  139. Rolled Away

  140. Romans 4

  141. Romans 8

  142. Room At The Cross For You

  143. Room For Jesus

  144. Room For The Penitent

  145. Room For You

  146. Rorate

  147. Rose Of The Cross

  148. Rose Rose Rose

  149. Roseate Hues Of Early Dawn

  150. Round Me Falls The Night

  151. Round The Lord In Glory Seated

  152. Round The Sacred City Gather

  153. Royal Banners Forward Go

  154. Royal Telephone

  155. Ruler Of The Hosts Of Light

  156. Rulers Of Sodom! Hear The Voice

  157. Running Over With Joy

  158. Rush To The Rescue  


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