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What a dear friend is Jesus
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  1. He lifted my burden of sorrow and sin,
    The blood of His cleansing has washed me within;
    He gave me the power new life to begin,
    Oh, what a dear friend is Jesus!
    • Refrain:
      Such wonderful things He does for me,
      Though only one step each day I see;
      The joy of my life indeed is He,
      Oh, what a dear friend is Jesus!
  2. He comes to my rescue whenever I call,
    Im safe in His keeping, no harm can befall;
    Though troubles be many, yet, spite of them all,
    Oh, what a dear friend is Jesus!
  3. My path may be thorny, and dangers dismay,
    His wonderful promise all fears will allay:
    Lo, I will be with you by night and by day;
    Oh, what a dear friend is Jesus!
  4. With Jesus beside me I fear not the foe,
    His arm of protection around me Hell throw;
    His goodness and mercy my cup overflow,
    Oh, what a dear friend is Jesus!



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