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We need each other, brethren
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  1. In a world filled with vi’lence and hatred,
    Everywhere wars and turmoil we see;
    God’s people face daily this struggle;
    Only love will keep us free.
    • Refrain:
      We need each other, brethren!
      For only love will carry us through;
      Let us stand by each other, brethren;
      Take courage, be faithful and true.
  2. Oh, how sad to see some of our brethren,
    As they strive for earth’s pleasure and gold,
    Become selfish and strive with each other;
    Love and kindness has quickly grown cold.
  3. Lord, give us true warmth and affection;
    When one fails, help us rescue his soul;
    “He’s not heavy, for he is my brother,"
    Let us cry as we carry his load.
  4. Dear saints, let us vow to each other,
    “I will help, I will comfort and pray;
    I will stand by your side and defend you
    In this battle you’re facing today."



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