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Waves of devotion
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  1. A glorious blessing bestowed upon me,
    Salvation, the joy of my heart;
    The theme of my song and forever shall be,
    To me Thy rich graces impart.
    • Refrain:
      The waves of devotion rebound in my soul,
      And sparkle so bright in the sun;
      I drink of that fountain, oh, glory, Im whole!
      My Eden on earth has begun.
  2. Salvation, oh, glory! its rapture I feel
    A current of heavenly bliss;
    My soul is delighted, I cannot conceal
    The deep-seated joy I possess.
  3. My pathway is bright as the cloudless noonday,
    My peace like a river that flows;
    Upon me such blessings are showered alway,
    Which grace in profusion bestows.
  4. More precious, more priceless, than rubies of earth
    His fullness of infinite love;
    Transported, communing with Jesus, what worth!
    Im feasting with Him from above.



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