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There is a stream whose current flows

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1. There is a stream whose current flows
As ceaseless as the sun;
Onward, with sorrows, pains, and woes,
Its troubled waters run.

2. Still onward, pressing to its source
The ocean, whence it came;
Nor stayed by circumstance nor force,
Is this resistless stream.

3. On its broad bosom as it glides,
Are heedless mortals borne;
And in the boundless ocean hides,
The friends for whom we mourn.

4. The high, the low, are swept away,
The youth, in all his prime,
The meek, the mournful, and the gay,
By the great Stream of Time!

5. Eternity, unfathomed sea!
Where all our hearts are drowned!
As boundless as infinity!
Thither the stream is bound.

6. Soon shall its current land us there,
Soon shall our days be o'er;
And the archangel shall declare,
That Time shall be no more!


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