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Thee O Immanuel We Praise



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Thee, O Immanuel, we praise,
The Prince of Life and Fount of Grace,
The Morning Star, the Heav�nly Flower,
The virgin�s Son, the Lord of Power.

With all Thy saints, Thee, Lord, we sing,
Praise, honor, thanks to Thee we bring,
That Thou, O long-expected Guest,
Hast come at last to make us blest!

Since first the world began to be,
How many a heart hath longed for Thee;
Long years our fathers hoped of old
Their eyes might yet Thy light behold.

The prophets cried, �Ah, would He came
To break the fetters of our shame:
That help from Zion came to men,
Israel were glad, and prospered then!�

Now art Thou here; we know Thee now,
In lowly manger lieth Thou;
A child, yet makest all things great,
Poor, yet is earth Thy robe of state.

From Thee alone all gladness flows,
Who yet shalt bear such bitter woes
Earth�s light and comfort Thou shalt be,
Yet none shall watch to comfort Thee.

All heav�ns are Thine, yet Thou dost come
To sojourn in a stranger�s home;
Thou hangest on Thy mother�s breast
Who art the joy of spirits blest.

Now fearless I can look on Thee,
From sin and grief Thou sett�st me free;
Thou bearest wrath, Thou conquerest death,
Fear turns to joy Thy glance beneath.

Thou art my Head, my Lord divine,
I am Thy member, wholly Thine,
And in Thy Spirit�s strength would still
Serve Thee according to Thy will.

Thus will I sing Thy praises here
With joyful spirit year by year;
And they shall sound before Thy throne,
Where time nor number more are known.

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