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The Word of God Shall Stand



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The Word of God shall ever stand,
Though stormed by every foe;
Upheld by His almighty hand,
No powers can overthrow.
Though all the powers of hell engage,
And hosts of sin assail
Gods wondrous might, His changeless Word
Shall evermore prevail.


The Word of God shall stand,
Shall stand unchanged forever;
In every clime and land
The world shall own its sway.
The Word of God shall stand,
Its foes can change it never;
Though Heavn and earth may pass away,
Gods Word shall stand forever.

Gods Word has stood the fiery darts
Of all the sinful world;
And skeptics all through ages past
Their fiercest blows have hurled;
It stands unmoved, a mighty rock,
Gainst cruel hate and scorn,
To bless the nations of the earth,
And nations yet unborn.


Then sound we forth His glorious Word
To souls of all the earth,
To tell them of the Fathers love,
And Jesus matchless worth.
It is the Spirits mighty sword
No power on earth can stay;
Though Heavn and earth may be removed,
Gods Word shall stand for aye.