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The virtue of faith

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  1. As far above the howling storm,
    Secure from danger�s reach and harm,
    Triumphantly the eagle flies�
    My soul on wings of faith would rise;
    When raging is the tempest�s blast,
    Ere yet its wrath is overpast�
    My soul would rise from earthly woe,
    To leave the stormy winds below.
  2. Upon the troubled, restless wave,
    His fearful, trembling ones to save,
    The Master walked and calmed the sea,
    The wildly tossing Galilee;
    By faith again I hear His voice,
    In tones which make my heart rejoice,
    When fears my soul with terror thrill,
    He gently whispers, �Peace, be still.�
  3. The lilies clothed in garments fair,
    The ravens flying through the air,
    Our blessed Father cares for all�
    He seeth e�en the sparrow�s fall;
    His children more He surely loves,
    Their cry His heart with pity moves:
    Though thorns bestrew the path we�ve trod,
    He whispers still, �Have faith in God.�
  4. The waves around may fiercely roll,
    They cannot harm my trusting soul,
    Regarding not what I may see,
    My faith, O Lord, ascends to Thee;
    The darkest night and brazen sky
    Are pierced by faith�s unfailing eye�
    My cry shall be till time shall cease,
    �O blessed Lord, my faith increase.�


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