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The Spirit pleading

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  1. Oft in the noonday, the evening,
    And in the stillness of night,
    Sounds in the bosom this warning:
    �Turn from the evil, do right.�
    Yet is the voice still unheeded,
    Though it is Jesus who pleads,
    Calling the wandering sinner,
    Offering grace for your needs.
  2. Soon will your death-knell be tolling,
    Earth shall not see you again,
    Soon will your place be left vacant�
    Where will your spirit be then?
    Up to the courts of the blessed
    Only the holy may go,
    Torment is waiting the sinner,
    This is a truth that you know.
  3. While you are slighting God�s mercy,
    Harder and harder you grow,
    Down in the darkness you�re choosing
    Thus in your folly to go�
    Down where no light ever enters,
    Down where no hope shall appear,
    Barred out of heaven forever,
    Sundered from all that is dear.
  4. While He is pleading, surrender,
    Turn to the Savior today,
    Leave all the past far behind you,
    Walk in His glorious way.
    See all the future before you
    Lighted with hope and with peace,
    Drink of the rivers of pleasure,
    Streams that shall ever increase.


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