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The prodigal's return

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  1. Oh, how weary and sad is my aching heart today,
    As I languish alone to die!
    Let me go, let me go to my home far away,
    For which my poor soul doth sigh.
    • Refrain:
      I am coming, Father, coming,
      And I know Thou wilt soothe the pain;
      And my poor, throbbing heart with joy shall sing,
      When the wandrers home again.
  2. Oh, my garments are stained, and Im longing to be fed,
    For I starve in a foreign land,
    While my own Fathers house is abounding with bread,
    And bounteous is His hand.
  3. Ill arise and go home, and low bending at His feet,
    He will pity the long-lost one;
    Yes, Ill go, I will go, to His arms I will flee,
    Hell welcome the wandring son.
  4. When the Father did see His dear son was coming back,
    Had compassion and ran and smiled,
    And with tears of great joy as He fell on his neck,
    He kissed His poor, weary child.
  5. Now the lost one is found, and hes dressed in robes of white,
    And is safely at home again;
    And the royl palace hall, with its glittering light,
    Resounds with a glad refrain.
  6. So the sinner who comes to the Fathers loving arms
    Shall be welcomed to his dear home;
    He shall dwell there in peace, and be safe from alarms,
    And rest, nevermore to roam.


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