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The Prize



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Words and music: Randy Krenshaw � 1993 Terra Cotta Music/Vocal Nation Music (ASCAP)


Time to run the race
Now we realize
There's no turning back
Time to win the prize
Pressing on towards the mark
Light the flame with one small spark

Run the race, stay the course
Aiming for the goal
That's beyond what you see here
Keep the faith, hold it high
Don't you be confused by a world of hate and fear
Since you know deep within
That the love you want
Can be yours if you persevere
Overcome all the doubt
That can cloud your mind
And you'll find it's very clear (clear)

Though the pace is fast
And the journey's long
Though the heart be faint
We will carry on
Breathing hard, we bear the pain
Counting all our loss as gain

We will not give up
'Til the race is won
We won't fall away
Now that we've begun
No reward that we can hold
Striving for a crown of gold