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The precious seed

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  1. We are sowing every moment,
    Seeds that yield much good, or bad;
    And each one is surely growing,
    Cheering souls or making sad;
    Let us sow good seeds for Jesus,
    In the hearts of fallen men,
    Many happy souls will bless us,
    And a crown of glory gain.
    • Refrain:
      Let the heart with anguish riven
      Now receive the precious seed,
      Do obey the voice of heaven
      And for offered mercy plead;
      Twill prepare your soul for heaven,
      For the mansion that you need,
      If you will be wise and listen,
      And its precious counsel heed.
  2. Let us sow each seed in kindness,
    Praying God the fallow ground
    May be broken up in softness,
    And the fruits of peace abound;
    When the heart with sin is heavy,
    He will start the flowing tear,
    And the gems of truth from heaven,
    Fruit of life eternal bear.
  3. Give us, Lord, much grace and wisdom,
    With the countless seeds we sow;
    Though we scatter some at random,
    They may germinate and grow;
    Some may fall in crowded places,
    On the dry, unyielding plain,
    But, if watered by Thy graces,
    Not a seed is sown in vain.
  4. Help us, then, O loving Savior,
    Bless the precious seeds that fall;
    We will sow in hope of gathring
    In this final harvest call;
    And the toilers who have mingled
    With the seed their anxious tears,
    Will return with shouts, and bringing
    Many sheaves in coming years.


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