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The Lord is coming

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  1. Are you ready, waiting for the Lord?
    See, the signs proclaim Him near,
    In the awful thunders of His word,
    Now His coming steps we hear.
    • Refrain:
      Thou art coming, O my Savior,
      Who can stand Thy flaming light?
      Now the burning of Thy Spirit
      Sweeps away the words of night;
      Quickly coming in Thy glory,
      With Thy bright, angelic train,
      We shall see Thee in Thy beauty,
      And forever with Thee reign.
  2. Now are many running to and fro,
    Spreading holiness around,
    And the evening light begins to glow�
    Soon we�ll hear the trumpet�s sound.
  3. Hark! the solemn warning unto all,
    Judgment�s coming, oh, how soon;
    Flee, O man, at Mercy�s final call,
    Heaven trembles at your doom.
  4. As the lightning flashes east to west,
    Comes the Lord in flaming fire;
    Oh, what glory thrills each holy breast!
    Sinners melt beneath His ire.
  5. Christ is coming, oh, the heav�nly sight!
    Our Beloved can�t delay,
    For His bride is robed in snowy white,
    Ready for that glorious day.


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