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The holy remnant

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  1. Are you of the holy remnant,
    Gathered to the King of Peace?
    Have you found a full atonement,
    And abundance of His grace?
    Yes, my soul has come to Zion,
    On the high and holy way,
    And I�ve seen the darkness flying,
    Driven by the light of day.
  2. Have you heard a voice from heaven,
    Calling in a solemn tone,
    �Come, my people, from confusion,
    This is not your native home�?
    Yes, I heard, and to my vision,
    Zion�s glory brightly shone;
    Then I rose and fled the ruin,
    Taking not a Babel stone.
  3. Have you learned that all this remnant
    Must be dressed in uniform?
    Are you clothed in that white raiment,
    That will shine before the throne?
    Yes, I found the precious fountain,
    Opened when the Savior died,
    Here I washed my stains of crimson,
    And my soul is sanctified.
  4. Do you know the saints inherit�
    Since we�re gathered into one�
    All the greatness of the kingdom,
    Under all the Shining Sun?
    Yes, all glory be to Jesus!
    By His might I overcame,
    In the fullness of His blessing
    On His throne of love I reign.
  5. Do you know, oh, ransomed brother,
    That we stand upon the verge,
    Where old Time fills up his ages,
    And the lost will mourn his dirge?
    Oh, what myriad souls are sleeping,
    Soon to wake in judgment fires!
    Help, O God! Thy remnant gleaning,
    Until time, indeed, expires.


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