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The hand of God on the wall

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  1. See the great king of Babel in these latter days of time,
    Make a feast thatís universal, all the nations drink her wine;
    As they eat, drink, and revel in her lofty steeple hall,
    God proclaims her desolation by His hand upon the wall.
    • Refrain:
      íTis the hand of God on the wall,
      íTis the hand of God on the wall;
      Babylon the great is fallen, and weíre fully saved in Jesus,
      While that hand is writing on the wall.
  2. All deceived and deceiving, see the city and her lords
    Riot in their carnal pleasure, heeding not Jehovahís words;
    For He speaks, now revealing mystic Babelís utter fall,
    And the holy read the writing of their God upon the wall.
  3. How the nations are drunken, and are sporting in their shame,
    Even scoffing at our Savior, and profane His holy name;
    Far more blind than Belshazzar, who so trembled with appal,
    They still riot on to judgment, with their doom upon the wall.
  4. Oh, the sin and confusion, oh, the vanity and pride,
    Of the multitude of Sodom who in Babylon abide!
    But all honor to Jesus! we have heard His angelís call,
    And escaped the sure destruction that is written on the wall.
  5. Hear the loud voice from heaven, ďCome, my people, gather home!Ē
    For to you the signs are given, that the Lord is near to come;
    Now He shakes every nation, heed the warning, great and small,
    For the wicked soon shall perish, say the hand upon the wall.
  6. See the saints come to Zion and possess the holy land!
    Hallelujah! shout the freedom! in the living God we stand;
    Since we follow the Savior, love and serve Him Lord of all,
    Babelís kingdom now is finished, says the hand upon the wall.


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