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The debt we owe

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  1. The Lord of the harvest is calling
    For laborers true in His field,
    To gather the sheaves ere they perish,
    When mercy no more is revealed;
    We bask in the sunlight of glory,
    On heavenly manna we�re fed,
    While souls o�er the ocean, in darkness,
    Are starving for life-giving bread.
    • Refrain:
      They perish, they perish,
      Yet Jesus to save them has died;
      Go pay them the debt that we owe them,
      Those souls who in darkness abide.
  2. The Savior hath given us freely
    Salvation and grace through His name,
    He bids us to publish His gospel,
    Its words to all creatures proclaim;
    We�re debtors to those who are dying,
    And never its power have known;
    Can we who so richly are favored
    Still leave them to perish alone?
  3. When taking His word to the lost ones,
    It is not a gift we bestow:
    By working and praying and giving,
    We pay but the debt that we owe;
    If millions are lost at the judgment,
    Their cries shall our conscience upbraid,
    Because when their souls we could rescue,
    Our debt unto them was not paid.
  4. Much grain now is falling ungathered,
    While many stand idle and wait;
    The harvest time soon will be ended,
    For garnering then �tis too late;
    O soul, prove thy love to the Savior,
    For what He has done unto thee,
    By sending the tidings of mercy
    To lost ones o�er land and o�er sea.


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