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The Consumption Decree

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  1. The prophetic days of burning,
    Lo, in wonder we behold;
    And the flames are now consuming
    Everything but purest gold.
    • Refrain:
      Fire! fire! hallelujah!
      Fire breaks from Heaven�s throne:
      Fire testing and revealing
      Who will be for God alone.
  2. We have reached the days of Daniel
    And Messiah�s wondrous reign
    Issues streams of fire before Him,
    And His wheels a burning flame.
  3. See His angels casting fire
    From their censers all around,
    Down on Babel�s burning mountain,
    As they fly with trumpet sound.
  4. Lo, a prepatory judgment
    Now is sweeping o�er the land;
    They who �bide it�s burning Spirit
    In the final day may stand.
  5. Hail the burning visitation,
    The consumption long decreed,
    Overflowing with salvation
    To the remnant holy seed!


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