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The conflict of the ages



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Lo, the conflict of the ages is upon us today,
And the armies are assembling all in battle array;
Are you numbered with the faithful, one of God�s loyal few,
Who have sworn Him full allegiance? can He count upon you?


Have your eyes caught the vision?
Have your hearts felt the thrill?
To the call of the Master do you answer, �I will�?
For the conflict of the ages, told by prophets and by sages,
In its fury is upon us, is upon us today.

Catch the vision of a lost world going downward in sin,
While the Master�s great commission long unheeded has been;
See the children of the kingdom joined in heart and in hand,
Pressing forward in the struggle to redeem this fair land.


See the Church of God awaking and with glorious zest
She is laying on her altars now her noblest and blest;
T�ward the final consummation we are hastening on,
And the time for loyal service will forever be done.