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The Church Triumphant

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  1. Men speak of “a church triumphant"
    As something on earth unknown,
    They think us beneath the tyrant
    Until we shall reach our home.
    • Refrain:
      Thank God for a church triumphant,
      All pure in this world below!
      For the kingdom that Jesus founded
      Does triumph o’er every foe.
  2. Oh, cannot the great Redeemer
    Prevail over Satan here?
    Or must we remain yet under
    Confusion, pressed down in fear?
  3. He built on a sure foundation,
    And said that the gates of hell
    Against her divine munition
    Can never indeed prevail.
  4. ’Tis not in the church of Jesus
    That people yet live in sin;
    But in the dark creeds they’re joining,
    And vainly are trusting in.
  5. God’s church is alone triumphant,
    In holiness all complete;
    And all the dark pow’rs of Satan
    She tramples beneath her feet.


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