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The Bliss of Canaan

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  1. Dwelling now in Canaan land
    With the pure and holy band,
    Oh, how precious and how glorious is my rest;
    Jesus smiles upon me here,
    I am free from doubt and fear,
    I am dwelling on Mount Zion’s shining crest.
    • Refrain:
      Glory, glory, glory, I am glad to tell,
      Sanctified and happy, with my soul ’tis well;
      Now the Holy Spirit doth my bosom thrill,
      Sweetly I repose within my Father’s will.
  2. Now from bondage I am free,
    Egypt’s hosts are in the sea,
    And the wilderness cannot my spirit hold;
    For I’ve tasted honey sweet,
    Joy so full and rest complete,
    And the glories of this land are yet untold.
  3. Waters pure as crystal clear,
    Springing all around me here,
    Fill me to o’erflowing like a cooling well;
    All its glories rich are mine,
    As its beauties round me shine,
    How with happiness and joy my heart doth swell.
  4. Of the seed of Abraham,
    Heir of God through Christ I am,
    And this blessed Canaan is His will to me;
    ’Cross the Jordan’s swelling stream,
    Where celestial sunrays gleam,
    Richest blessings are awaiting here for thee.


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