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The Blessing Bestowed

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  1. With a heart full of anxious request,
    Which my Father in heaven bestowed,
    I wandered, alone and distressed,
    In search of a quiet abode;
    Astray and distracted I cried,
    Lord, where would Thou have me to be?
    And the voice of the Lamb that had died
    Said, Come, My beloved, to Me.
  2. I wentfor He mightily wins
    Weary souls to His peaceful retreat
    And He gave me forgiveness of sins,
    And songs that I love to repeat;
    And oft as my enemies came,
    My views of His glory to dim,
    He taught me to trust in His name
    To triumph by leaning on Him.
  3. Made pure by the blood that He shed,
    My heart in His presence was free;
    I was hungry and thirstyHe fed;
    I was sick, and He comforted me;
    He gave me the blessing complete
    The hope that is with me today
    And a quiet abode at His feet
    That shall not be taken away.


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