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The Battle is the Lords



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The battle is the Lords! The harvest fields are white
How few the reaping hands appear, their strength how slight!
Yes victory  is sure, we face a vanquished foe
Then forward with the risen Christ to battle go!

The battle is the Lords! Not ours in strength or skill
But His alone, in sovereign grace, to work His will
Ours, counting not the cost, unflinching to obey
And in His time his holy arm shall win the day

The battle is the Lords! the Victor crucified
Must with the travail of His soul be satisfied
The pow'rs of hell shall fail, and all God's will be done
Till every soul whom He has giv'n to Christ be won

The battle is the Lord's! Stand still, my soul and view
The great salvation of God has wrought revealed for you
The, resting in His might lift high His triumph song
For pow'r dominion, kingdom, strength to Christ belong. Amen!

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