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The backslider

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  1. Sad and lonely, weak and weary,
    Down life�s rugged path I roam;
    Heart is bleeding, soul is weeping,
    Seeking rest and finding none;
    Father, once I dearly loved Thee,
    In the happy days of yore,
    But of love this world has robbed me,
    Shall I never love Thee more?
    • Refrain:
      O backslider, there is pardon,
      Christ will save you from your sin,
      Fill you yearning heart with gladness,
      And receive you back again;
      Come, oh, come, then, to the Savior,
      Cast your doubts and fears away,
      Plunge into the healing fountain,
      There to save your soul today.
  2. Here�s a withered flow�r and faded,
    Emblem of my lonely heart,
    Once so full of love and duty,
    Now lies crushed by human art;
    Father, once my prayers were answered,
    In the happy days of yore,
    When in faith and love I sought Thee,
    Wilt Thou never hear me more?
  3. Life�s a burden, Lord, without Thee,
    Peace I nevermore can know,
    All this world a sea of trouble,
    All a wilderness of woe;
    Father, leaving all, I seek Thee,
    Plead once more to be forgiv�n;
    Wash away my sins and sorrows,
    Father, give me hope of heav�n.


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