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The atonement

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  1. Down from the glory of Father’s shining kingdom,
    Down to a sinful world, our dying souls to win,
    Came there a Savior, so full of love and mercy,
    Came He, oh, Blessed One, to rescue me from sin.
  2. Hungry and thirsty, by Satan sorely tempted,
    Weary and fainting, nor a pillow for His head;
    Walking the thorn path, accused, despised, rejected,
    Thus came my Savior, this unfriendly earth to tread.
  3. Hark! from the garden a cry of bitter anguish,
    Pleads One for succor, and for comfort from above;
    Jesus is bearing our many sins and sorrows,
    Hear from Gethsemane the whispers of His love.
  4. See, on Mount Calv’ry the Son of God is dying,
    Dying in agony, forsaken on the tree;
    Dark hang the shadows, all nature in commotion,
    Dies there a Holy One, my captive soul to free.
  5. Oh, think of Calv’ry, the darksome scene of Calv’ry,
    Even the glowing sun refuses now to shine;
    Jesus is dying—the guiltless for the guilty—
    O soul, receive Him now, embracing love divine.


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