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The army of the Lord

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  1. In the holy army we�ve enlisted,
    Now the banner of the cross we bear;
    All the forces of the wrong resisted
    Causes right to triumph everywhere.
    We will follow where our Captain leadeth,
    We will fight against the sullen foe,
    We will stand together, then we�ll conquer;
    Certain victory is ours, we know.
    • Refrain:
      We are marching on to certain victory,
      In the hottest fight is where we love to be;
      Let the battle rage o�er every land and sea�
      �Tis the army of the Lord.
  2. We will push the fight o�er land and ocean,
    And across the desert plains of sin;
    We will give the cause our true devotion,
    Till for truth and righteousness we win.
    We�re arrayed in all the gospel armor,
    Bravely onward we will ever go,
    Till we put to flight the host of evil,
    Through our Leader we�ll subdue the foe.
  3. Hear the trampling of the countless millions,
    Hear the battle�s mighty thunders roar;
    Hear the great Commander of the army
    Sound the orders loud from shore to shore:
    �Go ye into all the world, I�m with you,
    Take the fortresses of sin today,
    Charge the enemy, compel surrender,
    Wear the victor�s crown through endless day.�

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