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The Angel's Proclamation



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Hark! the mighty tones sublime,
Trumpet tongues of olden time�
Breathing on the silent air,
Shouting glory everywhere!
Hark! again their joyful sound
Rings afar, the earth around;
While a vast, adoring throng
Catch the strain and join the song.


Unto us a Child is giv�n;
Open now the gates of Heav�n;
Eden lost, to man restored,
Thro� the birth of Christ the Lord.

Mourning captive, cease thy tears;
Lo! the promised day appears,
Thro� the misty veil of night,
Bursting in a flood of light;
Oh, what wondrous things are done
By the Father, thro� the Son!
Oh, the smile of pard�ning grace,
Beaming in the Savior�s face.


Now with healing in her wings,
Hark! a white robed angel sings:
�Mortals, from the realms above
I have borne my harp of love;
Hallelujah! sing with me;
Hail your greatest jubilee!
Sing, in purest, sweetest lays,
On this holy day of days.�