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That verdant summer land

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  1. Is thy troubled heart oppressed,
    Heavy-laden, sick and sore,
    By the cares of life distressed?
    Plead His promise o’er and o’er.
    Does thy star of hope grow dim,
    Canst thou face the stormy gale?
    Teach thy heart this sacred hymn:
    “Through His grace I shall prevail."
    • Refrain:
      Look away across the sea
      To that shining golden strand;
      Then with shouts of victory,
      Firmly clasp His proffered hand;
      Soon thy happy soul shall be
      In that verdant summer land.
  2. Is the threat’ning tempest near?
    Beams His promise bright as day;
    Keep it ringing sweet and clear:
    “I’ll be with Thee all the way."
    When the rolling thunders peal,
    When the billows leap and foam,
    With thy faith His promise seal,
    Singing, “One day nearer home."
  3. When you reach that Eden blest,
    All thy tears He’ll wipe away;
    Sweeter far will be thy rest
    For the vict’ries won today.
    Does the toilsome night seem long?
    Teach thy trusting heart to wait,
    Ere the breaking of the dawn,
    You may reach the pearly gate.


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