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Sunday School Volunteer Song



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We are marching on with shield and banner bright,
We will work for God and battle for the right,
We will praise His Name, rejoicing in His might,
And we�ll work till Jesus calls.
In the Sunday School our army we prepare,
As we rally round our bless�d standard there,
And the Savior�s cross we early learn to bear,
While we work till Jesus comes.


Then awake, then awake, happy song, happy song,
Shout for joy, shout for joy, as we gladly march along.
We are marching onward, singing as we go,
To the promised land where living waters flow;
Come and join our ranks as pilgrims here below,
Come and work till Jesus calls.

We are marching on, our Captain, ever near,
Will protect us still, His gentle voice we hear:
Let the foe advance, we�ll never, never fear,
For we�ll work till Jesus calls.
Then awake, awake, our happy, happy song,
We will shout for joy, and gladly march along;
In the Lord of Hosts let every heart be strong,
While we work till Jesus comes.