'Twas a Glad Day When Jesus Found Me

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Stand By the Bible
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Weíll stand by the Bible, Godís message to man,
Revealing His love in Redemptionís great plan;
It tells how death entered with sin and the fall,
Of life freely offered through Jesus to all.


Stand by the Bible, walk by the Bible,
Teach by the Bible, revealing Godís plan;
Stand by the Bible, study the Bible,
Live by the Bible, Godís message to man.

No book so abounding in wonderful truth,
No guide so unerring for childhood and youth,
No counsel so needed by man in his bloom,
No comfort so sweet on the verge of the tomb.


Through ages when faith spurned the fetters of might,
It shone like a star on the bosom of night;
Its word was the rule of the millions who bled,
Its hope was their stay when the last prayer was said.


Weíll follow thy teachings, blest word from above,
Weíll live by thy pattern of infinite love,
Believing, obeying, and watching with prayer,
Till grace shall for Heaven our spirits prepare.



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